Equirrium - Jellyfish

Web Design

We create web sites that encourage interaction. Our sites are designed and developed for easy access, easy commerce and smooth navigation. Expect a complete and thorough fact-based site presented in an organized, easy to understand format. We will lead you through all phases of development.

  • Electronic Business
    • Almost all business transactions are performed online today. We can help streamline your business processes and provide integration with other online and offline business services you use. This includes both front-end (eCommerce, bill pay, employment applications, etc.) and back-end (employee time tracking, reporting, accounting, etc.) operations.
  • WordPress
    • WordPress offers a good CMS (content management system) to use as a base for your website. We fully customize the backend of WordPress to make it even easier to use and edit the content of your site. A custom theme is created for your website based on the design we create for your business. We can also create custom plugins to add extra functionality to the site.
  • Static
    • Sometimes a simple static website is all you need. Static websites do not have a content management system or include any complex database interactions. These types of websites are great for promoting a one-time event or something that will not change in the future.
  • Analytics
    • It’s important to know who is going to your website and how they are getting there. We can provide you with all this information on a regular basis.  We will also help you analyze it and provide recommendations on optimizing your site.
  • ADA Compliance
    • As part of our development process, we can integrate compliance with all guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act and section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. We use the WCAG 2 guidelines created by the W3C to guide our compliance with the relevant laws. The WCAG guidelines define three levels of success criteria. We aim to meet the AA level as that is the expected level for most websites. Depending on your website and industry, you may be required to meet the higher AAA level and we’ll help determine if this is necessary.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • All our sites are designed from the start with SEO in mind. We use a proper hierarchy of heading tags, optimized meta description and meta title tags, and alt description tags on all images. We can help guide you in creating keyword-rich content that will help further your SEO efforts.
  • Technology
    • We only use the latest technology to program your website or web application. These can include HTML5, CSS3, PHP 7+, JavaScript, and jQuery. Our development team can also create a custom database integration using MySQL and optimal database design.