Equirrium - Jellyfish


Branding is one of the most important aspects of advertising and relationship building with your clients today… it really is the visual identity for your business.

Many industries face fierce competition within their sectors of business and setting yourself apart can be a struggle. Our team at Equirrium removes this struggle, creating a brand experience that enhances your company’s vision and values and communicates your message to your customers. From new company branding, rebranding, corporate branding, white-label branding, private label branding, clothing brand logos, and beyond, the possibilities are endless to communicate your brand’s story, convey your brand’s experience, and your brand’s strategy.

Equirrium is ready to be your branding agency, utilizing top-notch design agency skills to promote your brand’s value, coupled with our digital and print advertising expertise, Equirrium will raise your brand positioning and brand awareness to the top of your competition!