Equirrium - Jellyfish

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Are you looking for the best digital marketing solutions and effective social media marketing for your business? Equirrium has you covered. We are a Google Partner and Hootsuite social marketing certified.

Google Ads

We can use our Google Ads expertise to select the best Google Ads networks to fit your campaign goals, create and optimize compelling ads, build a keyword strategy, and plan a budget that balances performance with cost. Want to reach customers actively searching for a product or service like yours? Then we’ll set you up on the Google Ads Search Network. Just looking to build brand awareness? The Google Ads Display Network will work best for you. Want to advertise on YouTube? We can help you create a full video ad or set up your Search Network or Display Network campaign to target YouTube. Our team is recognized by Google for their knowledge of creating, managing, measuring, and optimizing ad campaigns with in-depth analysis and reporting for true analytical support of your campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Equirrium offers social media marketing plans for your business, featuring our custom, proprietary social media marketing platform. Across multiple social media outlets (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter) our platform lays out your social media schedule for the week, month, or even year in a graphical format. Equirrium performs a detailed analysis of your industry to determine the best times and days to post to the various social media channels. Combined with Equirrium’s creative services, graphic design, and our team’s understanding of social media and digital marketing, we are ready to be your digital solutions agency.