Equirrium - Jellyfish

Graphic Design

Equirrium takes pride in the high-end design services we offer. Using the elements of design and current and future design trends, our creative graphic design services will tell your story through visual identity graphic design fundamentals.

If your message is new, we can create design guidelines specific to your brand values or we can work with your existing brand guidelines to make sure new materials work seamlessly with your company’s vision. With custom graphics and fonts, the possibilities are endless. Our team uses the latest Adobe design software suite to visually communicate your message. If your project is printed, Equirrium will work with our service partners to select the right paper and materials needed to make your message stand out. Our design team works with our in-house technology department to create electronic media for ads or social media. We utilize the latest design requirements and make sure your message displays correctly on the devices consumers use today, from desktop computers to smartphones. Our technology department is ready to convey your message using responsive and adaptive technology. Equirrium is ready to impress you with our design services!