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Delivery and Curbside Pickup Order Integration

Continuing to serve your customers by getting them your products in a safe and easy manner is an important consideration in our current situation. Equirrium can help your business by integrating a delivery or curbside pickup order form into your existing website. The form can be integrated with a payment gateway so you can accept payment right away when they order. If the final payment amount may vary until you actually fulfill the order, the form can be set up to just give them an estimate of what the final price will be. We can also integrate a scheduling system into this form to allow your customers to pick a window of time when they will come to pick up the order. If you want to keep your customers updated about the status of their order, we can integrate text message alerts and email alerts that will easily allow you to send out updates.

Use our Quote form to get in touch with us to see how we can help your business create an ordering system that works for you! If you don’t need an ordering system but have another idea, we want to hear it about it too!